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    Asbestos Removal Service

    Asbestos poses a risk to you and your family. We are aware of the significant health hazards that the presence of asbestos poses. Our primary goal is your safety. Take Your Rubbish Brisbane Pty ltd is equipped with skilled asbestos consultants who are highly qualified and experienced in the proper abatement of asbestos and other hazardous materials and can execute complete asbestos removal for residential, commercial, and industrial premises.

    Quick, Expert Asbestos Removal Ensuring Your Safety

    Asbestos removal or asbestos abatement in Brisbane is removing any probable asbestos material using a safe and thorough process to ensure the property is free of all potentially dangerous material. It can be very harmful if it breaks and becomes airborne. Our Brisbane waste removal service have the know how to ensure that all asbestos is removed with minimal disruption

    TYR provides the following asbestos removal services:

    Remember: As long as asbestos materials are handled carefully and professionally, the risk to you and the community is extremely minimal

    Why Choose Take Your Rubbish Brisbane?

    Does your house, Garage or other structure contain Asbestos?

    In Bribane, many houses that were constructed prior to 1990 most likely contain asbestos cement materials. The most common locations are internal as well as external
    wall cladding i.e fibro as well as eaves.

    It should be noted that the Total ban on any activity involving the use of asbestos products didn’t come into effect until December 2003. Therefore even houses built in the 90s and early 2000s may contain some form of asbestos containing material

    Remember: Houses built prior to the mid -1980s almost definitely contain asbestos

    The Process of removing Asbestos safely

    We like to ensure that our customers are informed in regards to not only “WHY” asbestos containing materials need to be removed but also and just as importantly “HOW” it is removed.

    Work safe Queensland has an excellent video detailing the entire process and methodology used to ensure virtually zero asbestos containing particles become airborne. If you have any questions after watching the video below then please feel free to contact one of our specialists directly

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    Take Your Rubbish Brisbane : Our Unique Features

    1. HomeExperience and Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, Take Your Rubbish Brisbane boasts extensive knowledge and expertise in asbestos removal. We stay updated with the latest techniques and regulations to deliver top-quality services.

    2. Licensed and Certified: Our company is fully licensed and certified to handle asbestos removal. We maintain all the necessary certifications, ensuring that our team adheres to the best practices and operates within legal requirements.

    3. Reliable and Timely Service: We understand the urgency of asbestos removal and strive to provide reliable and timely services. Our team is committed to completing projects efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

    4. Competitive Pricing: Take Your Rubbish Brisbane offers competitive pricing for our asbestos removal services. We provide transparent and detailed cost estimates, ensuring transparency and no surprises along the way. Get you cost estimate now.

    Our Approach to Asbestos Removal:

    1. Comprehensive Assessment: Our certified asbestos removal specialists begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your premises. This evaluation helps us identify asbestos-containing materials and determine the scope of the contamination.

    2. Customized Removal Plan: Based on the assessment, we develop a tailored asbestos removal plan that addresses your specific needs. Our team considers various factors, including the type of asbestos, location, accessibility, and required safety precautions.

    3. Stringent Safety Measures: Take Your Rubbish Brisbane prioritizes safety above all else. We strictly adhere to safety protocols and guidelines throughout the entire asbestos removal process. Our team wears appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and utilizes specialized tools and machinery to minimize the risk of asbestos fiber release.

    4. Efficient and Meticulous Removal: With extensive experience in asbestos removal, our skilled technicians employ efficient and meticulous techniques to safely eliminate asbestos from your property. Whether it’s insulation, tiles, roofing, or other materials, we have the expertise to handle it all. Our methods emphasize containment to prevent the spread of fibers during the removal process.

    5. Responsible Disposal: Proper disposal of asbestos waste is crucial to prevent any further risks. Take Your Rubbish Brisbane follows all local regulations and guidelines for the responsible disposal of asbestos materials. We work in collaboration with authorized disposal facilities to ensure the proper handling and environmentally friendly disposal of asbestos waste.